floats, floats, floats!!!

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american floats
european floats
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floats most commonly are seen in "coke bottle" green or blue green variations, but once in a while, one gets lucky with their find and a unique or hard to find color turns up...cobalt, cranberry, purple, olive, yellow, and more.  floats can be stained from time at sea, swirled with different colors of glass, sun turned, or just made from a brillant color.

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cranberry float with nail embedded

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there are 3 large purple floats in my collection.  one toward the lighter side, and two deep purple.  what's great about these floats is the different seals on them.  the one pictured is the lightest - along with one of the dark purples, it has a unique seal button that is very similar to my pear or lightbulb float.  might be a different time period, might be a different glass company. 

unique shapped cobalt float

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the float shown above is a long line tuna float.  it's distored enough that it sits flat on a shelf.  the color makes the float very unique.  beachcombed in ocean shores.

yellow golf ball size with kanji

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3 varied color fatty rollers

large cobalt blue seal button float

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green chromium ball

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from pink /lavender to clear

large rattler

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sometimes a peice of glass breaks off inside the float, and the ocean shakes the float so hard that the inside of the float becomes frosted white creating a rattler.

amber swirled rolling pin

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