floats, floats, floats!!!


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the gallery
american floats
european floats
guest book

my own float room, is always in the "process of" being done, but floats seem to be everywhere inside and of the house.  my goal is to properly display and protect the floats.  the floats are multiplying so fast it's hard to find spots for them!!!

our antique cigar display case

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american collection display

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small display, big treasures

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i just picked up a new "old" display case and refinished it. just in time!!! just picked up a small collection of floats, so look for the new kanji, cranberry basketball size, anchor, and clear knobby! photos coming soon.

new dot mold roller

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tri-mold star

new 10", a 8" and a stretched 7"

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small grooved japanese float

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